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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In the News: Some Miniatures We ALL Know and Love

I think the reason for today's song choice will shortly become obvious. Please enjoy the stylings of Sir Tom Jones:

Even for people who have never had the slightest involvement with dollhouses, these iconic miniatures will surely be familiar:

Because I am not on Facebook, I was completely unaware of the momentous announcement until I read about it this morning on
Over the past month, hundreds of thousands of Monopoly fans worldwide voted for which new token should replace one of the iconic ones being retired after countless journeys past Go. After a hard-fought campaign, representatives revealed the newest game piece Wednesday morning on TODAY.
I may really have to reconsider my non-presence on Facebook, if it deprives me of the chance to vote on the important issues of the day.  But it seems that the right choice was made without me.  I couldn't be more pleased with the newest Monopoly piece:

The Newest Monopoly Token!
Photo:  Hasbro

The cat!  Yes!!  Excellent choice, Monopoly voters!!  The other choices were a helicopter and a robot. Puh-lease!

The announcement of this new token got me to reflecting about the popularity of cats, and I found this website:  Cats and Coffee, which reports that the following famous people were cat lovers:  Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Claude Monet and Charles Dickens. For some reason Freddie Mercury was included, not that I don't love him but it seemed incongruous.

According to this same site, do you know who HATED cats?  Adolph Hitler.  In the interest of doing at least perfunctory fact checking, I found endless other citations that confirm the Fuhrer loathed felines.  And I also found this ...

... which proves that there is literally a site about EVERYTHING on the internet. Apparently Stephen Colbert mentioned the site on his show awhile back, and hits went through the roof. Some people found it offensive and in poor taste, feeling that it glorifies Hitler. The owner of the site makes it clear that is not the case. I'm not sure how I feel - I mean, I hate snakes more than anything in life, and if someone started a website called I think I would find that insulting, not glorifying.  But anyway, hopefully no one is offended.

Now that we have established the awesomeness of the new Monopoly token, we must talk about the darker side of the story. To make room for the cat, one of the old classic tokens had to go, and this was also decided by vote.  Sadly, I cannot endorse this choice with the same unbridled enthusiasm, in fact I am downright disappointed.

The wheelbarrow and the shoe were also on the chopping block, but they were saved.
In fierce voting from 185 countries, Monopoly fans showed the least interest for the iron piece, exiling it from a new version of the game set to debut in mid- to late 2013. The statuette, which was added to the game in the 1930s, picked up just 8% of the vote.
The iron??  Really Facebook voters?  The iron is the PERFECT Monopoly piece.  I was ALWAYS the iron.  It's so cute and easy to move around.

RIP, Iron Monopoly Token
 Well, I am very upset, but life must go on.


  1. I never liked Monopoly :P But I like that Tom Jones Song, it's great!

    I'm not really on facebook either, I just have a business page for my beauty products and a dummy personal page to manage that.

    I like the cat, the iron was a part of my child hood though, no doubt about it.

    1. Glad you liked Tom Jones :) I've been a fan since childhood - my aunt worshipped him. He had a show on TV and she would threaten to literally murder us if we interrupted her or made a sound during the show, LOL.

  2. The iron is very useful in our miniature scenes too! How could they?! Yes, I feel like I've made the right decision for me by not being on Facebook, as well. :-) Thanks for keeping me informed on this breaking news. You're now my #1 news source, Ange. Great job! xo Jennifer

    1. I'm glad to be of service, Jennifer!. The non-Facebooking public needs to be informed! (PS - you should use the song for your Theme Song)

  3. I am not on facebook, it is difficult to do it all. Great to be informed "about such an important theme" Lovely Tom Jones song, I remember it so much from my youth.

    1. Hi Wyrna - yes, the internet can take over your life, no? Have you gotten hooked on Pinterest yet? If not, that will suck up any extra time you have on your hands!

  4. Hello Ange,
    Cats rule! I love my dog, but when I had cats their indipendence was always fun and entertaining.
    I'm glad you are happy about the token, but man oh man do I ever hate M
    oanopoly. As a family it always causes a battle: I got bored after 30 minutes and started playing stupid, my brother would not buy or sell anything which infuriated my sister, and my sister insisted on being the bank so the little thief could cheat...nope, not a Monopoly playing family. Once I tried giving away my land to to a convent so I could leave the game!
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! I did the opposite - always had dogs growing up and they were awesome, but then working full time as an adult I felt like cats were better being left alone, and now I am a huge fan!

      LOL, that might be the best Monopoly story I ever heard - giving your land to a convent - love it!! Hey at least you had people to play with, I was always the youngest in my family, begging my older cousins to play games and all they wanted to do was sit around and talk to the adults. :)

  5. I guess this means we should hold onto those little irons because they may be worth money someday :)

    1. Hi Kara - yes, they are already selling like hotcakes on eBay!

  6. Me ha encantado el video, era uno de mis cantantes favoritos!!!!!
    Gracias por mantenernos informadas.
    Son una fantasticas piezas.......ademas de utiles en las minis jeje
    besitos ascension