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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Ceilings!  Woh, woh, woh, ceilings!

With the floors of the house all beautifully stained, I could move on to the next step.

The two finished boards below are shown with tape on the front edge.  I painted the side below this edge, and the reverse sides of the floors, in Linen White, because they will become the ceilings of the second and third floors. The front edges will show when you open the dollhouse.  Again, all this is much easier to do now than after the house is built.  

The tape allowed a nice clean line of paint on the edge below.
Linen White in flat finish - my husband
always has a gallon of this stuff around

The finished ceilings.
Unfortunately, during this process I screwed up, and got some paint on my nice finished floors.  So I had to do a fourth round of sanding and polyurethane.  I'm sure that won't be the last mistake I make. But lesson learned: make sure there is no wet paint on the table when I'm moving pieces around.

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