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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Fireplace - from drab to fab

Today's theme music:

Yesterday as I stared into the Mini House, which I do with alarming frequency, the thought occurred to me, "There is too much wood. The fireplace needs to be white."

The little fireplace was the very first thing I bought, before the Mini House was even built.  It is clearly a fireplace, but that's about the best thing I can say about it.  Although I bought it an antique store, it was less than $5.00 so I wasn't concerned about depriving the world of a priceless artifact should this project go horribly wrong, as they sometimes do.  (See my post "The Sofa Debacle.")

First I sanded it down. 

Then I painted the whole thing white.  It was a big improvement, but I felt that more could be done. 

Somewhere in my dollhouse travels, I picked up a furniture kit - I think it was to build a shaker dry sink - that didn't have any instructions, but I thought I could figure it out.  Wrong!  But I'm not sorry, because now I have dozens of tiny pieces of wood that keep coming in handy.  I played around with some of them until I got an arrangement that I liked...

...and then threw another couple of coats of white paint over the whole thing, and I'm now much happier with it. 

Easiest project ever!
Fireplace:  Drab
Fireplace:  Fab

I added the gold fireplace thingies and some cinnamon sticks for logs.  I think it will look good in the bedroom, instead of the parlor where it has been up until now.


  1. much more elegant this way, great choice1

  2. El resultado es fantastico, me encanta como te ha quedado.
    besitos ascension

    1. Bienvenidos, y muchas gracias, Ascension!!

  3. I love all your little accent pieces ... such beautiful detail!